One of the best Veg Biryani places in Raipur – Delhi Darbar

Who doesn’t love biryani? Right? Biryani is the most loved comfort food of all times.Being a vegetarian I tried the Veg Biryani of the Delhi Darbar. Delhi Darbar needs no introduction and everyone loves their food and service. Delhi Darbar opened its outlet a few months ago in Raipur, so why resist to have a go? As Veg Biryani is one of their most popular dishes, and my love for biryani made me to try it out. So, here is the review of their Veg Biryani based on these four points-


This Biryani tastes delicious and is one of the best places to have biryani in Raipur. Generally, in some places the biryani is overboarded with spices and a lot of vegetables, but here in Delhi Darbar, they have excelled to maintain balance between the amount of spices and all the veggies. It is also a typical dum biryani and not like stir fried which I like the most. The quantity of the biryani served was also enough for 2-3 persons.



The service is pretty much good. They took about 10 minutes to complete our order. The presentation of the dish was simple nothing fancy. The biryani was served with a veg raita and pickled onion. The consistency of the raita should have been a little more thicker to taste great. One of the best and new features that Delhi darbar has is the gastronomy cleaning tissues, it is definitely attracting the Raipurians.



The ambience of the Delhi Darbar is classy and elegant and is decorated with the potraits of all the famous monuments of Delhi. The place is spacious, furnished with beautiful seatings, colorful cushions and chandeliers. It is indeed a quiet and peaceful place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.The location is not the best and it could have been better.

Value for Money

The biryani costs Rs.200 which is good considering the quantity and quality of it. It is definitely worth trying.

This was my take on Delhi Darbar. Hope that you liked and relate to my review.If you have already been there or will be going then comment down below. You can follow me on social media for more food reviews, recipes and DIYs.Do check out my amazing recipe of corn stuffed bread pakoras here.

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