Is it really the ” The All New Domino’s ” ?

Hi! I am Kriti and I am a true pizza lover like pizza is my bae. I can have pizza all year round, every day and any time of the day. And to beat that craving, I usually go to one of the most famous pizza joints in India which is Domino’s Pizza. Also, I just love the cheese burst variant of the domino’s.

From the past couple of days, I have been seeing all these advertisements everywhere of ” The all-new Domino’s ” in which they claim that the new herbier sauce, the tasty and fluffy crust and better and more toppings. But is that really true? But before writing what is true and what is not, first, let me tell you what I didn’t like about domino’s  pizza.

Earlier, the crust of the pizza was hard and due to that, the inner skin of the mouth used to come out. Also, the sauce wasn’t more flavourful back then and the quantity of cheese was less.

So, I went to the nearest outlet of the Domino’s Pizza just to check what’s the new pizza is all about. There I ordered the Mexican Green Wave Pizza and opted for the cheeseburst crust. And after having the first bite I did feel that the crust was really soft as compared to before and the sauce was also more flavorful. I think they have added more spices to the sauce as I could feel more of herb and that tanginess from the tomatoes. Although I opted for the cheese burst variant i feel that the cheese was a little bit less. It could have been much tastier if they would have put more cheese. Also, I feel that the quantity of cheese in different outlets differ. They put more somewhere and less somewhere. Nevermind, it did taste good. ( P.S – More cheese will be recommended )

So, at the end, I can only say that yes they have improved their quality and I did feel the difference. All and all its always a good experience of having a pizza at domino’s.

That’s it for this blog, do tell me your views on domino’s or pizza or it can be about any anything in the comment section and I will meet you all on my next blog. Till then take care and Happy Eating and Cooking 🙂

me posing like a pizza model 😉


Mexican Green Wave Pizza with Cheese burst Variant

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